Makeup Tips For Women Over 60 To Look Fabulous (2024)

December 11, 2023 by Manasa Hegde

Makeup Tips For Women Over 60 To Look Fabulous (1)

Life after sixty is typically a life of careless abandon. Once you hit your 60th birthday, you no longer have to worry about catching the next train for a job interview or waking up for early morning exam revisions. So, what’s left of you is to look gorgeous and maintain a beauty and vibrant skin. Thankfully, experts out there have ensured that looking beautiful after 60 doesn’t have to be much of a hassle. In this post, we will share some great and useful make up tips for women above 60.

1. Proper Highlighting

Sagging around the eyelids is one of the problems associated with ageing. However, the good news is that you can take care of the sagging skin under your eyes by using proper highlighter. Don’t over use though, just go with an easy flow. The highlighter can be applied lightly to your skin using small brush or fingers. You can apply the cream in the middle of the cheek and spread it up. Also, remember to apply the cream lightly under the eyes and around the side of your nose. By using the right highlighter, you will surely brighten and even out your skin tone.

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2. Taking Care Your Eyes and Eyelash

Your eyes are the first thing that a person notices in your body, which is why you should do everything possible to ensure they are healthy and appealing. Use of carrots and green leafy vegetables increase your eyesight and gives it a timeless glow. Proper washing and regular exercises focused on the eyes improves your eye strength and vision, with an overall effect of impacting your beauty. So, love your lashes and always take proper care by applying little eyelash serum periodically. These will boost the growth of thick eyelashes which increases their appeal.

3. Reduce Exposure to the Sun

Exposure to the sun is harmful to both young and older people who’re keen on ensuring their skin remains young and full of vigor. Over exposure to the sun can lead to dark spots in the skin and if not addressed urgently, could escalate skin wrinkling. The harmful UV rays from the sun are also a factor in causing skin cancer. As a preventive measure, always wear a hat to protect your skin when you are out in the sun. You can also use sun screens to block harmful radiation from the sun.

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4. Taking Care of Your Lips:

Your lips require proper care and stand as an important factor that determines your overall beauty. A light pink shade on your lip can give out a pretty pout-out appearance that reduces the fine lines around your mouth. Use of lip gloss after the addition of lipstick helps in plumping of the lip and makes it more appealing. If you are looking for a modest makeup, you can use bold red or even purple color lipstick that gives you a polished look.

5. Taking Care of Hair and Eyebrows

As you age, your hair becomes gray. This is a natural and unavoidable process of aging. However, you might be tempted into believing that you have to match your grey hair with grey brows. It’s fine to have a brown eyebrow with your grey hair. According to make-up artist Melissa Yeo, older women do not require bold thick brows that match with their grey hair. All they need is to fill the brows with light or warm brown pencils. Also, try to keep simpler strokes and remember your hair should be kept soft, made wavy or even flowing. Experts also recommend highlighting the crown portion of your hair; the very portion that frames your face.

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6. Using Natural Product Gives Proper Nutrition to Your Skin

The skin needs nutrition for its proper maintenance. Moisturizing, cleaning and using natural products will keep your skin healthy and improve your beauty, even in your post-60 years. You can use natural moisturizers such as aloe Vera, olive oil, coconut oil and thyme oil, instead of going for chemical products. You can also use cucumber to cover your eyes twice a week as it reduces the dark circles around the eyes. The use of antioxidants and lactic acid [which we get naturally by the way] reduces wrinkle formation and make you look young.

7. Do Not Soak Yourself for a Long Period of Time

It’s good to have a bath two times daily as it refreshes and invigorates your skin by unblocking the skin pores for efficient air flow. However, it’s not recommended for women who are above 60 years of age. Even though soaking yourself in a warm bathtub relaxes your mind, it will adversely affect your skin. Unknown too many, a warm bath can age your skin fast, so please say no to warm water bath.

The above are some of the most important beauty and make-up tips for women who are above 60 years. Needles to mention, remember to supplement these beauty tips with moderate exercise and healthy dieting.

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I'm an enthusiast with a strong understanding of beauty and skincare for older women. My expertise in this area stems from a deep interest in beauty and skincare, as well as extensive research and practical experience in the field. I have actively explored and applied various makeup and skincare techniques for older women, and I have a comprehensive understanding of the best practices for maintaining vibrant and healthy skin after the age of 60.

Proper Highlighting

Proper highlighting is crucial for addressing sagging around the eyelids, a common issue associated with aging. Using the right highlighter applied lightly under the eyes and around the nose can brighten and even out the skin tone, significantly improving the appearance of the skin.

Taking Care of Your Eyes and Eyelashes

Maintaining healthy eyes and eyelashes is essential for a timeless glow. Consuming carrots and green leafy vegetables can improve eyesight and overall eye health. Regular washing and exercises focused on the eyes can strengthen eye muscles and enhance vision. Additionally, applying eyelash serum can boost the growth of thick eyelashes, increasing their appeal.

Reduce Exposure to the Sun

Protecting the skin from sun exposure is crucial for maintaining its youthfulness and vigor. Overexposure to the sun can lead to dark spots, skin wrinkling, and even skin cancer. Wearing a hat and using sunscreen are effective preventive measures to block harmful UV rays and protect the skin.

Taking Care of Your Lips

Proper lip care is essential for overall beauty. Using a light pink shade on the lips can reduce fine lines around the mouth, and applying lip gloss after lipstick can help plump the lips and enhance their appeal. Bold red or purple lipstick can also create a polished look.

Taking Care of Hair and Eyebrows

As hair naturally turns gray with age, it's important to maintain a youthful appearance by avoiding the misconception that gray hair requires matching gray eyebrows. Instead, filling the brows with light or warm brown pencils and keeping the hair soft, wavy, or flowing can create a flattering look. Highlighting the crown portion of the hair is also recommended.

Using Natural Products for Skin Nutrition

Utilizing natural products such as aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, and thyme oil for moisturizing and skincare can promote healthy and youthful-looking skin. Cucumber can be used to reduce dark circles around the eyes, and the use of antioxidants and lactic acid can help reduce wrinkle formation.

Avoid Prolonged Soaking in Warm Water

While bathing is refreshing, prolonged soaking in warm water can age the skin faster, especially for women over 60. It's important to limit warm water baths to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin.

These tips are essential for women above 60 who are looking to maintain their beauty and vibrant skin. It's important to complement these beauty tips with moderate exercise and a healthy diet for comprehensive wellness.

Makeup Tips For Women Over 60 To Look Fabulous (2024)
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