How to leave a Google review: easy step-by-step guide (2024)

We’ll show you how to leave a Google review with simple steps in our easy guide, plus why quick customer feedback is crucial to business.

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It’s hard to beat having a business’s location, hours, phone number, and reviews in one place.Because of this, Google reviews are probably one of the most popular and reliable forms of customer feedback.

Where do you look when you’re looking for ice cream near you?On Google.What are you looking for next when you find this ice cream parlor?How many stars do they have, what customers say about their experience there and whether they have positive reviews.If they have bad reviews, chances are you’ll go ahead and try to find something better.That is the strength of Google reviews.Positive reviews show customers that the business has credibility.

Table of Contents

  • How to leave a Google review: step by step instructions!
  • How to leave a Google review: quick guide
  • Why is quick customer feedback important?
  • How do I get more Google reviews?
  • Can non-customers leave a Google review?

Did you know that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from family members or friends?More than just credibility, positive reviews help you outperform the competition on Google Search so more customers can find you and give you five-star reviews.

How to leave a Google review: step by step instructions!

How to leave a Google review: easy step-by-step guide (1)

Follow these simple steps for how to write a Google review, using either Google search or Google Maps as the starting point.

1.Log in to your Google account

Log into Google by clicking the blue login button located in the top right corner of your screen.Enter youremail address and passwordin the input field and log in.If you don’t have a Google account yet, you canregisterhere.

2.Search for the business you want to review

After you have successfully logged in, enter thename of the company, attraction or restaurantyou want in the Google search field.This is also possible via Google Maps or Google+.

The relevant service provider must be called up on Google Maps using a mobile device.Then you have to click on the button“Rate & write a report”below.


As soon as you have received a search result, the company profile of the company will be displayed on Google. Here you can also read existing ratings and stars. To be able to write your own review, you have toclickon“Write a review”.

4.Write a review

The rating is divided into 2 sections:

1. Assigned stars from 1-5 (1 very bad to 5 wow, great- I recommend them)Decide with your click how many stars the company should get.

2. A text field in which you can write your opinion about the company.
After you have written the report, simply click on“Publish”or“Publish” to publishthe report on Google.

IMPORTANT! The rating is often not displayed if the business website was created in the same network as the customer or with the same device.Evaluation terminals are therefore unfortunately not possible. Although this is a shame, it is intended to preventfake reviews from beingwritten.

How to leave a Google review: quick guide

  1. Open your internet browser or your Google Maps app on your smartphone. Log into Google.
  2. Search for the restaurant / company you want to rate.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Write a Review button in the lower-right corner of the screen (just to the right of the Reviews section next to the Add Photo button).
  4. Click Write a Review
  5. Select the number of stars that you would like to give the company.
  6. Write your personal experience / opinion in the comment field.
  7. And finally, just click on send.
  8. That’s it, you just wrote a Google review.

Why is quick customer feedback important?

In looking at how to leave a review on Google, you should know that fast real-time customer feedback is important.Fortunately, leaving a Google review isn’t very time-consuming — unless a customer wants to rave on for several paragraphs about the company.And if that is the case, then the mission is accomplished.

However, the steps for how to writa review on Google and submitting the review is the easiest part of the process.If the customers know how to write a Google review, then this is also a “trick” for the respective company to hope for positive Google reviews.

How do I get more Google reviews?

Knowing the reasons that drive customers to leave a Google review is a good place to start.Also, it doesn’t hurt if you ask your customers if they would post information about their good interactions with your company.

Can non-customers leave a Google review?

Non-customers are not allowed to act as customers on Google — such a rating or review can usually be deleted. It would be fraudulent to evaluate a business you are not a customer of, in which you act as a customer.

A simple example illustrates this. If someone writes about a hairdressing salon on Google that their hair was not cut properly there, this rating is only permitted if the person rating actually received a haircut there.

Otherwise, the entry would make an untrue assertion, and untrue assertions are always prohibited in reviews. Non-customers are therefore not allowed to simply make untrue statements of fact in a bad rating… this type of entry can be removed by deleting it.

Non-customers, however, are allowed to rate like non-customers. Wwhat exactly does that mean for a Google rating?

However, this does not mean that non-customers cannot leave reviews on Google.

People who have not become customers of a company can review the company externally or with regard to service (initial inquiry, contact on the phone, etc.) andrate it.Of course, the limit of untrue assertions also applies here, ie nothing may be asserted that is not really true.

But a non-customer can write in a review on Google how they perceive the company from the outside. For example, a non-customer is allowed to write that the website is confusing, inquiries by e-mail were answered in an unfriendly way, or were ignored — or similar information, as long as it is factually correct.

How to leave a Google review: easy step-by-step guide (2024)
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