2B Hair Guide: What Is it, How to Take Care of It, & How to Style It (2024)

The texture of your 2b hair is wavy — it doesn't quite have a curl pattern, but it’s not straight — which is a good thing. It's impossible for stick-straight hair types to achieve natural waves unless they curl their hair for a long time and scrunch it vigorously with mousse.

If you’re wondering whether you have 2b hair, stick around! This article will teach you how to tell if your hair is 2b, how to care for it, and how to enhance your natural curl pattern with styling tips.

What is 2b Hair?

In type 2b hair, it is somewhere in between straight and curly. The roots could be straighter and the midsection curlier. 2b hair is also more prone to frizz because of its loose curl definition.

For an idea of what loose curls with medium texture look like, picture natural beach waves. Strands may be thinner closer to the roots, but they display a prominent S shape wave down to the tips.

How does 2b hair compare to 2a and 2c hair?

Compared to 2a hair, which can almost appear straight, 2b hair has a much more defined wave pattern. Also, 2a hair tends to be thinner and lifeless than your hair type. Plus, it's easier to straighten. Styling your strands requires a little extra effort, but more later. Although both 2b and 2c hair have defined S shape waves, only 2c's waves extend through the length of the strand. It is also thicker and coarser than 2b hair.

2B Hair Guide: What Is it, How to Take Care of It, & How to Style It (1)

How to take care of 2b hair

While type 2b waves are gorgeous, they aren't perfect. Prone to frizz and tangles, let's discuss the biggest struggles of type 2b hair so we can offer some solutions.

1. Shampoo Only When Needed

You should wash your 2b hair 2-3 times a week, but avoid over-washing it. Avoid shampooing your hair too frequently, as it produces more oils and leads to frizz. Finding what works best for your hair and dryness can take time and experimentation.

In general, try to co-wash your hair every alternate day, and you should apply deep conditioning treatments every two weeks. As sulfates encourage frizz, using a shampoo and conditioner without sulfates will keep your scalp and hair feeling clean without drying them out.

2. Use a Diffuser

You can use a diffuser to enhance the gorgeous natural waves you were born with by adding movement and maintaining a beautiful S-shaped curl.

3. Detangle with a Wide-Toothed Comb

2b hair gets tangled and knots easily, making brushing it out somewhat damaging. Use a wide-toothed comb when brushing your hair to avoid knots and tangles. The wider-toothed comb will be gentler on your hair and enhance your natural waves. This will break up waves without causing frizz and reduce breakage.

2b Hair Wash Routine

1. Pre-wash with a deep conditioning mask.

To restore moisture, repair damage, and give your hair shine, apply a deep conditioning mask before you wash and leave it on for 20 minutes. It is a crucial part of any curly hair care routine to tame frizz, improve manageability, and boost your curls.

2. Shampoo

Use a sulfate-free shampoo to provide hydration without stripping hair of natural oils and to avoid unnecessary frizz.

3. Condition

Using a conditioner that works with your shampoo is excellent when you need to tame frizz and keep moisture in the hair. Typically, the curlier the hair, the more moisture it can use.

4. Detangle with fingers or comb

You may be tempted to brush your hair when wet to get the tangles out, but the best way is to detangle it with your fingers and leave-in conditioner after washing. 2b hair is prone to breakage when wet, so brush out gently with a wide-toothed comb when dry.

5. Style

Choosing cuts that highlight your curls, like a blunt bob, a shag with layers, curtain bangs, or a short undercut, will make it easier to style your hair when dry.

For styling, towel dry it or let it dry naturally. A diffuser helps keep curls bouncy and shiny, and as a 2b hair owner, you'll need a wide-toothed comb and frizz-free styling cream.

How Often to Wash 2B Hair

To avoid creating excess frizz or drying out your waves, you should wash your 2b hair 2 to 3 times a week.

Be careful not to shampoo too often, and use sulfate-free products. Co-wash your hair on alternate days and add a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks to restore and hydrate your locks.

How to style 2b hair

As 2b hair can sometimes be difficult to style due to its shape and frizz level, learning how to style 2b hair is essential to leaning into your natural hair type.

Here’s how to style 2b hair:

  • Messy beach waves - use your natural hair shape to your advantage
  • Medium-length cuts - too long and your hair goes flat; too short and extra poofy
  • Half-up half-down styles - give your waves some extra volume with a half-up style
  • Layers - long or short layers are a great way to define your waves and add volume to your hair
  • Brushed-out ringlets - brush out those curls to enjoy this soft and voluminous look
  • Best Products for 2B Hair

    For 2b hair, Mane Club products are your best friend!

    Try a deep conditioning hair mask like Cha Ching Moisturizing Hair Mask or Cry Baby Repairing Hair Mask. These hair masks are a quick and effective treatment whenever you want to infuse moisture, soften your hair, or repair and reduce breakage.

    For the leave-in conditioner that does it all, try ONE HIT WONDER. This 10-in-1 spray not only conditions and detangles (great for 2b hair), but it combines 10 essential benefits, significantly reducing the number of products in your hair care routine.

    Lastly, check out WAVY BABY Texture Spray for curly and wavy-haired babes. Achieve that effortless beachy with a touchable formula that’s perfect for any hair type, but especially 2b.

    2B Hair Guide: What Is it, How to Take Care of It, & How to Style It (2024)
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